Cleaning and Motherhood

Some Cleaning motivation for ya!! Check out the Before & After of Olivia’s Play room. Some messy real-ness going on here lol.

I’ll admit, before having kids I never understood how things could get so out of order, it was definitely a huge transition for me because I was super particular about things lol.

I used to get super anxious when things weren’t in their spot, when colors wouldn’t coordinate, or when things didn’t look cohesive. I still struggle with those feelings, however motherhood has really taught me to be patient. The things I want to get done may not get done instantly, but they’ll get done somehow. 

The play room usually isn’t high on my To-Do list of cleaning. It almost always gets instantly messy, which is ok with me! It means toys are being played with, and memories are being made.

But I can only put this room off for so long before I start losing my mind 🤣

Recently I’ve been watching a lot of Faith Matini’s videos on YT which inspired me to tackle this disaster of a room.

Do you have a room in your house you just avoid? How do you like to get motivated to tackle it? Share down below! ✨

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