Balance as a Working Mom

Stayed home from work today for the second day in a row! I absolutely hate missing work but What I hate more is having a sick toddler. I wish I could take all the sick away.

One thing I’ve had to learn as a Working Mom is you need to find B A L A N C E, and not to feel so guilty about missing work to take care of your sick child, or even take off when you’re sick. It happens, and THAT’S OKAY!! Im not going to lie, as soon as we woke up today and I noticed Olivia had gotten worse since yesterday, the anxiety started creeping in. We’re working towards a huge savings plan, and I knew missing one day, especially two would create somewhat of a dent. Not a huge one, but I’m determined to stay consistent with our goals, home savings, Olivia’s college savings, her future saving, etc. And to be honest I’m quite the emotional spender so I’m really trying hard here.

Anyway, once I realized work would be a no go, and Olivia had fallen back to sleep, I got out my bible and prayed. God show me what you want me to see, allow me to hear you clearly. I opened it and came across this verse. It hit me, HARD. What I learned was

1. Things in life that are materialistic shouldn’t matter. Is it good to work on our goals, absolutely. But remain aware of your mentality and make sure you don’t make your goals your god. My focus here should be my little one’s health. Money comes and goes.

2. Nothing is possible without God! You have goals, sure, but we cannot do this alone! Remember to press in an focus on what really matters. God gave us this life to borrow, make sure you follow and do what is pleasing to Him. .

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