Life Update

Life Update

Hello Blog, my old friend.

It’s been a while, I know. For those of you who follow me on Instagram or YouTube, you know I’m quite the Flake. Sorry, I’m committed to doing better in 2020.

Anyway, HI! I cannot believe I found my old blog, I’m excited to put it to use again. I thought I’d share a life update mostly for me to look back on and see how much I’ve grown, so much has happened since this blog. I’ve narrowed it down to the top 4 life updates…

1) Olivia was Born. My birth story is a crazy one, I have a postpartum video on my YouTube that shares a little bit about my experience. She’s now 2.5 and does Dance. She’s grown to be such a sweet, sassy, and smart little girl. She’s going to be something big one day, I can feel it.

2) Johnny and I got Engaged! Wedding planning is not in the works, sorry fam. We’d rather put that towards Olivia’s college fund. #NoDebtGoals. But we do plan on making it official soon. We’ve been together for 5 years now. I started this blog when I was 21, I’m now 25 going on 26 and he’s 27 going on 28!! WOAH.

3) I’m no longer a Stay at Home Mom! WHAT!! Yep, a year ago we decided to give it a try. The idea of having Olivia in someone else’s care was never a plan for us, but being the work-natured person that I am, I felt like we could give it a shot. Also, funds were getting tight lets be real lol. So far so good, it hasn’t been easy by any means but I have an awesome work family and Olivia enjoys going to her sitter’s. Its totally a new environment but I have loved the experience and learning new things everyday!

4) I found Jesus. He has changed my life SO much for the better and I’m so grateful. ❤️

I’ve left a lot out, I could probably write a novel with all that’s happened. I’m truly happy where I’m at in life now and I’m excited to see what God has planned for us in store. Thank you for tuning in. Until next time.

XOXO, Gracie

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